Welcome to the Greater St. Louis Dental Assistants Society!
     We strive to obtain excellence through hard work and continuing education.  Currently we are working on making continuing education opportunities available for dental professionals.  We are partners with the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) and the Missouri Dental Assistants Association (MDAA), voicing their wonderful membership benefits and advantages. 
The Dental Assistants Pledge
"I solemnly pledge that in the practice of my profession, I will always be loyal to the welfare of the patients who come under my care, and to the interest of the practitioner whom I serve. I will be just and generous to the members of my profession, aiding them and lending them encouragement; to be loyal, to be just, to be studious. I hereby pledge to devote my best energies to the services of humanity in that relationship of life to which I consecrated myself when I elected to become a dental assistant."


There are no scheduled CE Courses at this time.  The GSLDAS is taking time to revamp our course list and dates.  Please check back later this year for more information.  We would appreciate an e-mail if you have ideas on courses you would like to attend.  Thank you!
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